No Pressure – UK Carbon Emission Campaign

It’s only British humour – don’t be so shocked!

I’m sure nobody REALLY died during the shooting.

Global Warming is not a myth, it is happening.. carbon footprint is a useful way of looking at how environmental friendly are you 🙂


Ugly Civil Servants in Singapore

This post serves as a reminder for those civil servants that are in the service sector and who are getting their monthly pay from tax payers. You are in a industry where customer support is the crucial part of your job scope.

Message Directed towards Inspector Kevin Poon (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore) from our page members.

Sorry if I mistaken this place for the EDMW section. Just wanna share my unhappy encounter today with a staff named Inspector Kevin Poon from ICA Singapore. I am saddened to see our hard-working tax payer money go towards paying such incompetent people who didn’t even take the initiative to help a Singapore citizen. He even went to the extent of brushing me off by calling the security for help when he is obviously trying to go home on time since it was already 5pm. I needed to get a copy of my passport certified as proof of ID for an application for an overseas business. At first we consulted the Internet where a government website informed us we could get documents certified at a police station. After going to the police station, a police officer called his superior then informed us he could not do such certification. He then contacted ICA where we were later directed saying that that was where we could get our ID certified. We then went to the ICA building in lavender and waited more than an hour for our turn to be served. When I was being served, Inspector Kevin Poon told me that the ICA doesn’t do such services, and when we told him we were directed there by the police and customer support of ICA he said, there is no such thing. He then added that there is no point standing here, they don’t provide such services. Even after trying to explain to him that all we needed was a chop to certify my passport copy to be a true copy, he said no, please go home. When I asked him ” Which government body should I go to, could you please check for me?” he then said something that really piss me off. “Sorry we don’t provide such services too” Such lazy and incompetent person shouldn’t be kept as a civil servant. I am utterly disgusted by the service of such a Singaporean civil servant. This person simply doesn’t care about the situation his customers is in and the problems that the customers are facing. Tax payers didn’t pay tax for civil servants like him to brush me off just like that and to give such rude and motherhood statements.

Apple spends $100 Million to beat Android

After Apple surpassed Samsung as the top smartphone manufacturer in the world, the battle still continues for the operating system running each Galaxy devices, yes against Android where the Cupertino-giant have already spent more than 100 million dollars according to the latest estimates –though most of these figures went to HTC claims earlier.

“A person close to the situation tells me there’s a rumor going around among the lawyers that Apple spent $100 million just on its first set of claims against HTC. Who knows if it’s true, but if so, Apple didn’t get a lot for its money.”, according to Newsweek correspondent Dan Lyons in his blog post.

Accordingly, there are 84 claims filed against different Android manufacturers for patent infringements, and interestingly there are only 10 claims were proven to have been infringed and only one goes for Apple victory. Is that worthy enough for $100 million?

Actually, most of the infringements were a small feature of the software such as tapping phone number in an email or webpage to call or send a text — that means the other party can simply resolve that by either removing the feature or implement it in a different way, and that’s exactly what HTC and Samsung did.

Now do you think Apple should have invested more on their research lab to design more interesting and unique –amazing products in Apple ways, rather than battling a costly patent claims to keep competitors out of the market?

Die-Hard Gaming… Litterally!

A Taiwanese man died while playing video games at an Internet cafe as dozens of other patrons carried on for hours afterwards apparently unaware that they were sitting near a corpse, according to police.

The 23-year-old checked in at the cafe in New Taipei city on Tuesday night and was found dead but still sitting rigidly on a chair with his hands stretched out the following night by a waitress, police said.

The waitress last saw him talking on the phone around noon on Wednesday and his body had apparently been sitting there for up to nine hours without any of the 30 other people in the cafe noticing.

An initial police investigation found he might have died of a cardiac arrest triggered by low temperatures.